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Northease Manor School

Parent Portal


Many of our students benefit from specialist therapy and we work in partnership with an NHS Trust to provide a range of fully integrated therapies on site at the school.  This avoids unnecessary travel to health facilities and makes therapy a natural and easy part of everyday life.

A full team of qualified occupational therapists and speech therapists work through a combination of individual, paired and/or group therapy sessions, delivered in specialist areas as well as in the classroom.

Each student has an individual plan that is based on their SSEN or EHCP, which is called a Student Therapy Passport.  You can download an example Passport at the bottom of this page.  

Our therapists also liaise closely with teaching staff so that each student's therapy progress is supported and continued in academic lessons.

Combined with our customised teaching approach and the friendly and supportive atmosphere, our students make amazing progress and routinely achieve far more than they – and their parents – had previously imagined could be possible.  We call this The Northease Difference.


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