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Northease Manor School

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The Arts

Art, Design, Textiles and Photography​​​​

Our Visual Arts Department provides a caring and supportive environment in which each student can feel confident to develop their personal ideas, creativity and skills in a broad range of media and disciplines. The emphasis is on inspiring our students and unlocking their potential so they can create unique and personal work.

Art and Photography are taught as separate subjects from Year 5 to GCSE level, in specialist rooms equipped with Apple Macs, a kiln and other specialist equipment. The students work in a variety of media, blending traditional skills with more contemporary digital manipulation.

At GCSE they can choose between three separate GCSEs - Art & Design, Photography &  Moving Image, and Textiles.  Our students have consistently achieved the highest grades and produce top quality work - results in both subjects are above national averages, with students achieving 100% A*-C. 

Our students have also achieved highly in the wider community, with recent successes  such as winning First Prize in the national Independent Schools' Art competition, and becoming the Rotary Club's ‘Young Photographer of the Year'.

Students visit galleries, locally and in London, to broaden their art appreciation and to give them different cultural experiences.

After school, many of our students secure a place at Art College, building successful careers where they can make full use of their creativity and practical talents.

Design and Technology

Everybody is creative regardless of ability and Design & Technology encourages students to think creatively and solve problems, both independently and as members of a team.

We start by developing the ability to generate design proposals with imagination and originality, considering aspects such as mechanical principles, electronics, structures and forces, Computer Aided Design, packaging and commercial viability. 

Then, students move on to actually make products of various kinds, using a range of materials and techniques whilst developing their analytical thinking, graphic communication and fine motor skills. 

Along the way we cover engaging topics such as ballistics, flight, propulsion and 3D printing.  There's never a dull moment!


Drama is a creative and cross-curricular subject which gives students the opportunity to develop the co-operative and evaluative skills involved in performance, along with the chance to put them into practice during school productions and showcase events. 

Our GCSE Drama programme is broad and stimulating, covering theoretical and practical aspects of play-writing, creativity and performance.

Every year group goes on a theatre trip each year and there are drama workshops and whole-school performances. Recent productions have included Bugsy Malone and ‘Follow that Star’.




Dance  is an exciting and creative subject, in which pupils gain the opportunity to develop compositional, performance and appreciation skills. 

We offer curriculum Dance, including a GCSE course, as well as opportunities for pupils to simply learn more about different dance styles and to enjoy dancing per se.   There's very much something for everyone and we also put on regular performances and showcase events.

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