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Northease Manor School

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We have wonderful space and facilities and sports of all kinds give everyone an amazing range of opportunities to find their own interests and strengths.

Sport is an area of huge strength here and although our students vary greatly in ability, everyone enjoys something and there's plenty of encouragement, plenty of enthusiasm and plenty of choice.  

With such extensive grounds there's room both for the most common major sports and also for a host of some more unusual ones.  In fact we offer a far wider range of sports and physical activities than will be found in schools that are many, many times larger than we are.  

The main sports here enjoy their own dedicated pitches and facilities, and these are football, rugby, athletics, cross country, swimming, gymnastics and dance.   Going beyond that, we have boccia, new age kurling, golf, frisbee, flag football, hockey, health related fitness, netball, water polo, cricket, personal survival, table tennis, Gaelic football, stool ball, rounders, futsal, tennis, basketball and softball.  

Sport can be competitive but the Northease style is to support one another, so rivalry is friendly and as long as someone wins everyone is happy!


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