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Northease Manor School

Parent Portal

Sixth Form

 Northease Manor provides a student specific programme that focuses on individual learning and aspirations. The Sixth Form encourages and prepares students for further education, work experience and independent life, nurtures and develops their confidence and self-belief.

Students are regarded as young adults, but at the same time are supported to make decisions for themselves. They are given the opportunity to take on responsibilities within the school environment, and act as ambassadors for the school.

A Message for Students

At Northease Manor Sixth Form you will find that you have more freedom to make your own choices and decisions and to take responsibility for you future. You will be given the support and guidance to encourage you to become a responsible young adult who wants to contribute to work life.

  • Enjoy a programme designed especially for you
  • You will begin a college course and experience college life
  • Prepare for your next step - either education or employment and receive advice and support
  • Make an active contribution to college, school and local community
  • Build your confidence, independence and personal skills
  • Careers advice
  • Make friends and socialise

Above all, you will be encouraged to branch out and become the adult you want to be.

The Sixth Form team at Northease

Our Sixth Form team  liaises with local colleges on behalf of our students, local businesses to co-ordinate work experience and with academic staff at Northease as well as providing pastoral support and careers advice. We also  deliver  life skills and employability courses and supports our students with off- site educational programmes and supports students with their learning issues.


It would have been really difficult to just go to college that first term. Coming to Northease was familiar and I was with friends, so it made the transition easier. Being given responsibility for duties was important as it was recognition that we were no longer just school pupils.  


It has really helped me having work experience as I have had to communicate with people of different ages at Autism Sussex. Selling my work there has boosted my confidence and set a standard for what I produce.                                                                                                                                                    SID, EX-STUDENT


Being part of the Sixth Form has been a major step forward for me and travelling on my own has helped boost my confidence. I have particularly enjoyed the meals out and calling staff by their first names made me feel more grown up.


The work experience that I have had has led to a proper job on Saturdays.                                                                                                                            TOM, EX-STUDENT

I was able to complete the NCS course, which I really enjoyed.  I have been given the opportunity to do work experience in an area that I am really interested in.  I am hoping to continue this experience and eventually seek employment with them.


Jack, ex -student

The 6th Form provision has been tailored to my daughter’s needs, which we would never get from another Further Education College.  She has learnt to be more independent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A PARENT

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