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Northease Manor School

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Northease Manor School offers high quality integrated therapy which is part of the daily routine of the student’s life at school. Consequently, this promotes:

  • EHCP goals being integrated into classroom instructions and routine
  • Collaboration between therapists and teaching staff
  • Students generalising behaviours in the classroom and at home
  • Enhanced learning opportunities in transitioning from one setting to the other (e.g. from classroom to playing fields)
  • Regular coaching and mentoring opportunities
  •  Additional opportunities to exchange information between therapists and teachers (our therapists work directly and indirectly with students in classrooms, during lunchtimes, on the playing fields, and on field trips. 
When in the classroom, therapists work with students in the context of activities and routines)
  • The introduction and implementation of interventions (by collaborating with staff during teaching; by modelling practices and strategies for; implementation in the classroom; by providing training, consultation and feedback to classroom staff; and by monitoring and measuring student progress)


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