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Northease Manor School

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Rewards and Sanctions

 At Northease we believe in the importance of rewarding the  successes of our students and  that everyone has the right to a positive learning environment.

Lesson Grades:

The Lesson Grade System enables each student to monitor his  or  her own effort and highlights achievement  and  causes for concern within the classroom setting.

At the end of each lesson a grade is given to each student.  The  automatic feedback allows both teacher and student to monitor their level of motivation and attitude to learning in class. The system allows staff to instantly reward and motivate success.

The grades are as follows:

A = Excellent effort for that student in that session.

B = Good effort for that student.

C = The student has behaved appropriately and co-operated for most of the lesson.

D = The student has not met expectations.

E = The student’s behaviour is unacceptable and / or he or she has been removed from class.

There will be a reward for students per year group who have achieved the highest points at the end of each term.  An unsatisfactory week will be  communicated to parents by e-mail or phone by the tutor.


Every adult in school may award merits to individual students. These merits are recorded in the student’s planner with merits being worth 5 House points each which contribute to the House point total.

Headteacher’s Commendation:

Any student who has achieved outstanding progress, completed work to an excellent standard, or has served the community in a significant way will be awarded a Headteacher’s Commendation. Each Commendation is worth 50 house points.


Staff may send home a postcard congratulating a student on achievement, effort, positive behaviour and/or good citizenship. Staff postcards are worth 10 house points each. Senior Leadership postcards are worth 20 points each, and Headteacher postcards are worth 50 points each.


Effective sanctions are designed to promote positive behaviour and attendance.  Consistency is essential and all staff are encouraged to use sanctions, consistently and fairly.  The use of sanctions is monitored and any patterns lead to appropriate action or intervention.

Stages of Referral and Sanctions

The stages of our procedures are set out in the behaviour policy and can be accessed via the website.

Power to use reasonable Force

Teachers and Boarding staff are allowed to use reasonable force to prevent students from committing an offence, injuring themselves or others or damaging property.

Confiscation of Inappropriate Items

Teachers and Boarding staff do have the legal power to confiscate items, such as mobile devices at their discretion and retain them.  They do not have liability for damage to or loss of any confiscated items.

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