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Northease Manor School

Parent Portal

GCSE Results 2018

Northease Manor School are delighted with their results this year which show that:


  • Overall, 59% of the grades were 9 - 4.  This is in line with last year’s results


  • The English language results were outstanding – 85% 9 - 4 


  • In Maths 63% of students achieved on or above their target grade


  • Science results were 67% 9 - 4, a dramatic improvement of more than 30% on last year


  • 100% of students achieved a 9 - 4 grade in Textiles and PE


  • 95% of exams sat resulted in a GCSE 9 – 1 or equivalent.

Our ‘value added’ continues to increase steadily. Students at Northease made good progress from their initial assessment when joining the school, to their final exams. On average, each student achieved more than half a grade higher than their initial target, with some students achieving up to 5 grades higher.  We are all extremely proud of the students and wish them all the very best in their future studies.

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