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Northease Manor School

Parent Portal


Choosing a school is always difficult, but never more so than when a child has particular needs or is unhappy, under-appreciated  or under-performing at their present school.

At Northease we understand what you and your child are going through, and we offer friendly, helpful and honest advice at every stage of the enquiry and/or admissions process.  Call us and you'll find us knowledgeable, interested, genuine, positive and supportive. 

Our Head, Claire Farmer, will be delighted to speak with you over the phone and even more delighted to meet you in person.  You can visit with or without your child in the first instance.   Claire can answer any questions you may have about the school and what we offer.  She'll understand your concerns, your anxieties, your hopes and your aspirations for your child, and she'll help you explore what we do and whether Northease is the best option. 

If you do feel Northease could be the school you're looking for - and of course we hope it will be - Claire's PA, Lin Simpson, can tell you more about the admissions process.   If you're self-funding, our fees are very much more affordable than at many comparable schools.   For those seeking local authority funding, we can help you through the various hoops you'll have to go through.  Either way, we  keep things as straightforward as possible, and we also make sure that the joining process is easy, helpful and friendly.  

In the first instance, please call Lin Simpson on 01273 472915.

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