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Northease Manor School

Parent Portal


All admissions procedures are established with full honesty, transparency, courtesy and respect for individual rights.

Following initial enquiry from prospective parents and the dispatch of relevant information, an appointment will be made to visit the school and meet the Headteacher. Such a visit may or may not include the children, according to parental wishes. ‘Open days’ may, on occasion, act as a basis for preliminary enquiries.

In order to have detailed knowledge of a student’s learning profile, the school requires access to an Educational Psychologist report (carried out during the previous two years, either by an independent psychologist, an LA psychologist, or both), a copy of the Statement of Special Educational Needs or the Education, Health and Care Plan (if there is one), or the results of the Statutory Assessment or reasons for not agreeing to one, the latest school report and any other related assessments (e.g. carried out by a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, CAMHS, Paediatric Psychiatrist).

If on reading through the reports, the Headteacher and the SENDCo decide that a placement at Northease Manor would not be appropriate, then this is communicated to the parents and the matter is taken no further.

If on reading through the paperwork the Headteacher and the SENDCo decide that a placement may well be appropriate, then a visit to the school is arranged.

A placement process involves a discussion between the Headteacher and the parents, a full tour of the school in order to see it at work, to have an opportunity to meet students and staff and to see lessons in action.

If a placement still seems to be appropriate, then the school invites the student for a period of taster days and overnight stays, where appropriate, up to a maximum of a week’s duration. Informal assessments will take place during the taster period as part of each lesson, together with baseline assessments and interviews with therapists and SENDCo.  

The Headteacher and the SENDCo have a formal meeting to discuss the findings of the taster period. All feedback from Staff (teaching and/or boarding) is also taken into consideration.

The final decision whether to offer a place would be based on the following criteria;

  • Paperwork received
  • Interviews with the SENDCo
  • Taster period results
  • Interview with parents
  • Feedback from staff (and in some cases students)
  • Discussion between the Headteacher, SENDCo and Senior LeadershipTeam.

Children who prove that they are unable to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct/Home School Agreement at Northease Manor will have their position at the school reviewed by the Headteacher.

Once students are placed at Northease Manor, students are continuously monitored in order to ensure the different future paths remain accessible; either continuation through to completion of GCSEs at Northease Manor or to move to a more mainstream placement before GCSE courses are commenced.  Any movement to a more mainstream placement is always identified as an indicator of success.

Northease Manor maintains its own placement agreement that is used with parents and local education authorities, in keeping with most similar independent DfE approved schools for Specific Learning Difficulties.

If you would like to visit our school and see us in action, please use the email provided below or telephone the Headteacher's PA to make an appointment.

Contact Details:

Northease Manor School

Rodmell, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 3EY

Tel: 01273 472915  |  Fax: 01273 472202