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Northease Manor School

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Please see the highlights of school life here at Northease...

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  • Sports Day Special Digest 3rd July 2019

    Published 03/07/19
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  • Weekly Digest 25th June 2019

    Published 25/06/19
    Make a brew and pull up a pew! This week is a packed edition with softball, Leavers Day, Autism Show, Press Gang and a football round up plus even more!
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  • Weekly Digest 14th June 2019

    Published 24/06/19
    Draw Me In at the Towner Gallery, South of England Show, loads of football and much more...
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  • Weekly Digest 24th May 2019

    Published 24/06/19
    Parallel Youth Games, Food Bank, Table Cricket, Silver DofE and Press Gang too!
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  • Weekly Digest 17th May 2019

    Published 20/05/19
    Lots more football news, Uckfield Food Bank donations, Gaming Expo and the usual updates...
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  • Weekly Digest 14th May

    Published 20/05/19
    This week we see exam season start, football updates and a call for donations for the Uckfield food bank...
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  • Weekly Digest 3rd May 2019

    Published 09/05/19
    Silver DofE head out to qualify, protective behaviours, press gang and things to look out for...
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  • Weekly Digest 26th April 2019

    Published 30/04/19
    DofE Bronze step out for their first practice camping trip, spring photography, protective behaviours and much more... 
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  • Weekly Digest 29th March 2019

    Published 01/04/19
    World Book Day, Press Gang, Sport and a food bank visit for starters...
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  • Weekly Digest 8th March 2019

    Published 11/03/19

    Travel Training, Crocodiles versus Alligators, Dream Cars and Football a real mix to make an interesting read!

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  • Weekly Digest 1st March 2019

    Published 07/03/19

    New Age Kurling, My Hidden Chimp, Wolves and Phoenixes, DofE and Nature captured on film amongst other interesting articles....

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  • Weekly Digest Friday 15th February

    Published 27/02/19
    Inspired through sport celebration, table cricket success and loads of interesting articles from Press Gang.
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