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Northease Manor School

The Sixth Form Experience

When students join Year 12, they enjoy greater freedom, and we help them develop even greater independence as they progress towards adulthood.  For example, there is no school uniform for Sixth Formers, so they are free to make their own style choices (within reason!) They also are encouraged to seek support to help them become strong timekeepers, thoughtful peers and gain an understanding of strong social skills.

We involve our Sixth Form students in leadership and mentoring roles, where they take an active role in shaping school life and set an example that younger students can aspire to.  For example,  running the tuck shop, setting up a school recycling scheme as well as paired reading with the younger students. 

In addition to supporting students’ college placements, our Sixth Form provides:

Personal Tutoring (Pastoral Care)

This support is vital to making the transition from school to college a positive one by:

  • Feeling safe and settled
  • Developing independence and resilience
  • Taking responsibility and making choices
  • Fulfilling their potential

Work Experience/Internship

Real life values and opportunities gained by work experience are:

  • Links with local businesses
  • Opportunity to experience work one day a week
  • Learning new social and relationship skills
  • Develop careers aspirations through research, networking, and apprenticeships.

Community Access/Enrichment

  • Local community visits- Encouraging confidence
  • Sporting activities- Mountain Biking/Kayaking-Fitness
  • Visits to local community centres- Making new links-Relationships
  • Sixth formers always create community enterprise activities for the school, such as Christmas fayre stands selling items for charity and creating enterprise schemes such as crafts and art products sold to the local and school community.

PFA/Life skills

The sixth form run a Preparing for Adulthood program tailored to the needs of each individual student. 
  • Employment
  • Relationships
  • Independent Living/financial independence
  • Weekly lessons 
We place a strong focus on preparing our students to be brave, have resilience and be well equipped.

Study Skills

Extra-Curricular achievements provide:

  • Skills for studying in another setting
  • Metacognitive Skills 
  • Weekly lessons in groups or individual
  • Communication with colleges to align with study expectations

Careers Advice and Planning

To help students understand how their strengths, interests and personality complement each other giving ideas towards a possible career route by:

  • Identifying key strengths and skills
  • Exploring career options with guidance
  • Exploring training routes that fit their lifestyle
  • Identifying next steps, actions and research
  • Supported college visits


Be a positive role model for younger peers, giving support and friendship by:

  • Befriending a younger peer so they know a friendly face to approach when needed
  • Sharing school knowledge and experiences
  • Providing extra support i.e. lunchtime, accelerated reading etc.
  • Building confidence and self-esteem whilst encouraging their mentee to feel the same

 We encourage our students to work with the ASDAN qualification:


The ASDAN employability qualification provides a framework for recognizing general employability skills.  The qualifications aim to help learners to develop employability skills within occupational settings, allowing them to build on their work experience and acquire transferable skills that will help them progress in their current situation and in the wider world of work. 

Career exploitation                          Overcoming barriers at work

Applying for a job                               Working as part of a team

The CoPE course helps develop and demonstrate a range of personal, key employability skills.  It helps broaden students’ experience and encourages them to manage their learning through the enrichment activities.  Accreditation is awarded on completion of the course.