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Northease Manor School

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Northease Manor School offers integrated therapy which allows students with SEND to benefit from equality of opportunity.


It increases students involvement in society and ultimately leads to them becoming more productive individuals. The therapies are delivered in an integrated way and are part of the daily routine of the student’s life at school. An integrated approach ensures that therapeutic intervention is delivered in a holistic manner. Our therapists understand the educational curriculum and are able to match therapy goals with educational objectives. (This supports current evidence that intervention delivered in the appropriate context increases generalisation and maintenance of skills).

Integrated therapy means that ‘Statement’ objectives are met through a problem solving approach and therapy is provided during regular classroom activities, routines and transitions through support, modelling and consultation with teaching staff.

Our integrated therapy helps:

  • Ensure that statement goals are integrated into classroom instructions and routines
  • Promote collaboration between therapists and teaching staff
  • Students generalise behaviours in the classroom and at home
  • Enhance learning opportunities in transitioning from one setting to the other (e.g. from classroom to playing fields)
  • Allow regular coaching and mentoring opportunities
  • Provide additional opportunities to exchange information between 
therapists and teachers 
Our therapists work directly and indirectly with students in classrooms, during lunchtimes, on the playing fields, and on field trips. 
When in the classroom, therapists work with students
  • In the context of activities and routines
  • To introduce and implement interventions
  • By collaborating with staff during teaching
  • By modelling practices and strategies for implementation in the classroom
  • By providing training, consultation and feedback to classroom staff
  • By monitoring and measuring student progress



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